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not your typical doctor

Grew up my whole life thinking I would become a doctor. By the time I finished medical school in Scotland, realized medicine wasn't the path for me so left that to pursue a career in healthcare venture capital, a job I wasn't prepared for in an industry I had never heard about. Been doing that and much more the last few years. Find out more on my about page

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timeless knowledge

Re-discovered my love of reading after leaving medicine in 2018. Decided I would take notes while learning about different subjects and want to share all that knowledge with the world. Find out more in my 'Library'.

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What’s been on my mind

Decided to start posting my thoughts on a blog back in 2021. The goal was to post 100 blog posts in a year across a variety of subject areas and ended up writing 500. Haven't stopped since then and can find more on 'Blog' page and in my blog database below.