I’m happy to see you here!

Currently work as a healthcare venture capitalist at Amplitude Ventures, one of the biggest healthcare VC firms in Canada. I'm Nemo in the wide ocean of healthcare VC.

Became a doctor in Scotland

doing my undergrad at the University of St. Andrews and medical degree at the University of Edinburgh. Although I went to the same school as William and Kate, I am not part of the British royal family.

Sports is my obsession

Play golf, tennis and basketball when I can. Primarily watch football (both types) and basketball while spending way too much time thinking about Kawhi's shot, debating whether Jurgen Klopp or Masai Ujiri are the greatest men alive and contemplating why Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense is so inconsistent.

Frequent traveler

having visited 55 countries by the time I was 21. Got super lucky to be born to parents who loved 15-hour flights, traveling to multiple continents in the same week and exploring all the beauty this world has to offer.

Danced Bollywood

for over a decade as a kid and been re-discovering it recently, especially now that white kids are blowing up on Tik Tok dancing to Indian music.

Since leaving medicine in 2018, discovered a love for writing, reading and meditating (thanks Tim Ferris) having read 287 non-fiction books, written over 842 blog posts and meditated for 1000 hours. All of these numbers are wrong, but hopefully you get the point - I've been busy.

Started this website as a way to learn from the past, write for the present and use it to prepare for our challenging future.

Hope you learn something while you're here and get inspired to be a better you.
If you want to support me along this journey, feel free to buy me a beer. Really appreciate it.

What I'm Doing Now

Updated Jul.9.2023

Launched my podcast

Wanted to start to release my podcast this year which was going to be all my blog posts. Have released 36 to date and recorded about 130. Should be posting them more but my priorities are elsewhere right now so will be getting back to it soon

Ran a marathon:

Decided in January 2023 I wanted to run a marathon. Never ran a race. Don't like running. Yet after 4 months of training entirely on a treadmill (besides 2 outdoor runs), I ran the Toronto marathon in under 5 hours. Just goes to show what you can accomplish when you put your mind to something

Writing 2 books

After the marathon, decided I needed something else to do this year and thought why not write a book. Have always wanted to do it and there's no excuse why I couldn't do it now. So decided I would write 2. One is a collection of poetry I've been writing the last year and the other is about navigating career transitions. Hope to finish writing those by the end of summer and release them in the Fall. Super excited about them!

Happy where I am:

Celebrated my 4 year anniversary at the firm recently. Love what I've been able to do at the fund the last few years but know this job isn't forever. I do want to get different experiences and thinking about what the next chapter looks like, whether it's within healthcare and VC or outside of it. I'll know much more before the end of the year.